Extreme Content Marketing: Why Custom Pages Are The Answer

When content marketing comes to mind, we roll our eyes and quietly think “you mean writing articles?”

The vast majority of content marketing is all about writing articles, creating infographics, videos and the like in order to increase the mindshare of your brand.

I think because of this dogmatic approach, content marketers are missing out on a really effective way to generate attention: releasing custom pages.

If you think about it, I’m sure there’s some kind of small, yet valuable tool that would really connect with your audience. To get an idea of what I mean, look at The New York Times’ “Rent or buy” calculator. It’s a calculator on a single page, and according to BuzzSumo, it was one of NYTs’ most shared pieces in 2014 — even now, it still ranks up there as one of their most shared pages.

If we look at why it was so successful, it’s a lot simpler to understand than trying to look at how something goes viral.

Viral things have to connect with some mystique emotion that compels people to share. It’s hard to engineer and accurately predict success. Custom pages just need one or two things: They have to be useful and if possible, unique, with your audience.

Since NYT is a mass-market, general news organisation, they needed something that would connect with a lot of the general population. Most adults have to make the choice of where they live, so making a unique and very useful tool to calculate what option to take: rent or buy, was a good choice.

For your audience, I’m sure if you put your mind to it, you could come up with something that would make waves in the community. As long as your idea is useful, and ideally with some unique twist, sharing will happen naturally.

Of course, most people hired to content marketing roles don’t know enough programming to create such things, and connecting with other programmers in the organisation (if they exist), is difficult because usually their workload is already overbooked.

That’s why it’s worth considering partnering with a freelancer, such as myself, to brainstorm and implement a unique content marketing campaign. We can work together to create a unique tool or page that will get you attention from your audience.

And it won’t be temporary — tools are evergreen and you will be getting traffic again and again from the search engines, because releasing such content is pretty unique. You won’t have many competitors in the SERPs.

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